Mundos Relativos
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David Lynch's strange world


*Music from and based on David Lynch's weird and unique cinematic universe. Naïve pop, spiritual and meditational music, obscure blueses and dark and seductive jazz*

Make sure to enjoy this playlist with cherry pie and, of course, a good damn cup of coffee

23 tracks
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@Mundos Relativos hey, i donno if we're 'allowed' to chat here, anyway it's public i guess. i find myself listening to your mi agai, here in bucharest....i have a freind woh lives part time in buenos aires. he's from venice, ital.....soemtime last year i saw a movie about two people in buenos aires i really liked that film, there was a lot of architecture--they were living in opposite buildings---don't remember the title, anyway...keep it up

@hahalamihalamcu.g Thanks! glad you appeciate the mixtape from a long distance! I guess the film you're talking 'bout is Medianeras (Sidewalls). The plot is about two youngsters who live in front of each other but as the city is so crowded, busy and moving, they can't meet though they come across all the time and share the same interests. Here's the trailer:

Thanks for your words and for taking the time to listen! Once you get Lynch, you can't stop digging into his dark obscure music world: Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise! =)

I hadn't listened to Deranged, fell in love with it. I'm a Twin Peaks fan but I'm starting to see the movies now, great selection again x