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Hanging out with Jesse & Celine


*A playlist inspired on this loveable couple that no matter the obstacles of life are meant to be together. Everything's amazing in this story: the way time goes by, the gripping conversations and different points of view they have whenever they grow up, the passionate look in their eyes, the gestures and of course, the poetic landscapes surrounding them*

Before Sunrise / Sunset / Midnight mixtape.
Julie Delpy / Ethan Hawke / Richard Linklater

17 tracks
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Celine and Jesse's relationship is the only thing that still keeps me hold on to the hope of true love. It's the only thing that makes me feel also after a heartbreaking relationship that ended because of my fault. I hope their story lives forever as it will in my heart.

Those magical worlds changed the course of a whole story...I think that's one of my favourite scenes in a romantic film. Everything's on the right place, including Nina Simone's music.

Muchas gracias Liz! Estos dos personajes inspiran a querer dedicarles muchos mixtapes! Ojalá siguieran haciendo películas hasta verlos envejecer juntos =)

Oh, aún no pierdo la esperanza de que Richard Linklater se decida, después de un tiempo, hacer otra película después de "Before Midnight" o cualquier otra, en la que estén ellos.