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Slowdive's musical influences


*Slowdive has done a mixtape for FACT Magazine with their favourite musical choices. The list includes: Can, My Bloody Valentine and The Stooges, among others*

Here's what they said:

'There are great songs by some of our favourite artists that had a profound influence on us all as aspiring musicians. (...) The simple melodies, majestic melancholy and emotional aspects of these songs we never tire of'

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2 comments on Slowdive's musical influences

You stick to making your mixes!! They are way better than this LAMO magazine> You have some fans here. dont dissapoint them :P

@hahaz Oh, nice to hear that! thanks for your words! They encourage me to keep uploading mixes. I've got some of them on the queue list, I don't know why I've been out of 8tracks, maybe it was lack of time, or maybe my laziness . It's true, it's better to create your own mixes rather than copy something from a pop mag. New mixtapes are on their way

interesting mix but incosistent maybe? nevertheless i liked it. right now i am trying to annoy my neighbour but unfortunately my bass-volume power needs an upgrade.