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Hunter x Hunter


OPs, EDs and Character theme songs.
Playlist goes from most energetic to most poignant (when played the first time) because that's just how the series is

EDIT 1: A lot of tracks were removed from Soundcloud so I'm fixing that up

EDIT 3: Sorry to say guys, but with the new policies regarding soundtrack integration I can't update the playlist. Not sure what's going to happen here tbh

  • Killua Zoldyck (CV : Ise Mariya) by (Hunter x hunter 2011) departure!
  • Guu! Guu! Guu! (Gon Character Song) by Zack Cerny
  • Kyousou Requiem by (Hunter X hunter Character Song) Hisoka
  • Just Awake by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Hunting For Your Dream by user148088016
  • Tell Me (Killua Character Song) by kuroko killua
  • Hi ni moeru hitomi by (Hunter x hunter Character Song) Kurapika
  • Machi by (Hunter x hunter Character Song) Cruel Spider
  • _ ending by Nagareboshi Kirari_76
  • Hyouri Ittai full by hamka123
  • Hunter X Hunter Ending 3 (REASON) by Faiizalle
  • Nagareboshi Kirari~Version For Orchestra by Shahem Zooldyc
12 tracks
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