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Vytis, the Persuer


NyoLithuania is so badass it pains me.

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was founded by a polytheistic Baltic tribe from Aukštaitija and was was targeted by the Teutonic Knights, but expanded to cover modern Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, and parts of Estonia, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. In the 1400s, it was the largest state in Europe, with great diversity in languages, religion, and cultural heritage. Jogaila converted the land and established union between Lithuania and the Poland in 1386. Vytautas the Great marked the greatest expansion and the defeat of the Teutonic Knights. After his death, the relationship soured and Lithuanians tried to break the union with Poland, but the Muscovite–Lithuanian Wars forced them to remain until the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was created.

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Yo!! Nyo!Lithuania brings me life dude. Also, The Grand Duchy of Lithuania is my favourite thing ever. Thank you for making this!