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a silent night

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{ for the one I once was } a slight unexpected journey for your sleepless nights;
listen when everything seems lost and you feel in need of a getaway.

  • Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby by Sally Tarek
  • Davy Jones Music Box with Rain by Sarah Mansfield Dunlop
  • Victor’s Piano Solo by Danny Elfman
  • 19 Madame de Pompadour by jcahlvin
  • Imaginaerum The Score [Samples] by nightwishfan1
  • Ink Complete Soundtrack by The City Surf
  • Nomah's Land by Metisse
  • L. Einaudi (cover) by Primavera
  • Oogway Ascends (Kungfu Panda OST) by (Piano Cover)
9 tracks