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would you fall for me too?


– I love you.
– I think you don't love me.
– I know I love you.
– I'm not sure.
– I do love you.
– I don't.
– It hurts.
– I'm leaving.

for when u like someone but u really cant tell them because that's ridiculous isnt it

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I would. Definitely. This playlist is amazingly beautiful. Once Upon a Dream was gorgeous, I have no idea where you found it but thank you. I am definitely saving that. I'm obviously following you after a track like that. (Quote: Where'd he get a track like that? He got it from his mama.) That quote is paraphrased, of course. Musical geniusness. I hope you're fine, because at one time or another we all love people who can't see our beauty. You'll find one who can, or our parents all lied.