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the happiest color


“at that time, it went a little faint.”

a mix for akira.

(kinda happy, kinda sad. mostly songs that remind me of his relationship with his mom.)

  • You Are My Sunshine by Sistiana
  • riding a bike down a big hill and taking your feet off of the pedals by lullatone
    for riding up mountains, downhill, pedaling fast with the wind in your hair
  • Itsumo no fuukei by Haruhi OST
    for sunny days spent biking, eating ice cream in summer, watching the sunlight stream through the window as mom reads you her favorite book
  • Here Comes The Sun (Instrumental) by The Beatles
  • ColoUrs And Mayhem- Universe B by Homestuck
  • Coldplay (Acoustic Cover) by See You Soon
    see you soon, mom.
  • Coldplay (Instrumental Piano) by Yellow
7 tracks
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