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Cheesy Saxophone

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i just found you a couple of days ago and I LOVE this mix and the 80s movie mix. Haven't had a lot of time to listen the rest but you have made my work days WAY more fun this week!

It is to bad I could not find the song that goes with that photo; it is one of the chessiest evah.

Baker Street is not technically 80's but I included it because it's sound was a preview of the cheese to come.

Can u pls tell me the name of that saxophone player on the picture,and also the song please?
Thank you
btw awesome mix!

It is Tim Cappello singing "I Still Believe" from the Lost Boys Soundtrack. I really wanted to include that song but you have to buy the whole album to buy that song. Here is the Youtube:
So cheesy, so good; definitive 80s cheese.