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Entering Orbit

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I can't believe I just found your fic now but it's awesome and I love the mix and I'm just gonna keep gushing about these dorks

It's amazing. I honestly cannot say whether I like the fanfic or this mix more. I guess I'll have to settle for both. Both are perfect after all. :)

I'm so happy you like the mix! I listened to most of these songs when I was writing (especially "Best I Ever Had"). I hope the emotional arc was similar to the fic & I am thrilled you have read it. Thanks so much for leaving me a comment. :-D

Yes, I think it is. I especially liked Long way to run, somehow it makes me think of the journey (both in literal and metaphorical sense) that they had to make.
And now I'm torn between re-reading it while listening to the mix and reading your other fics! :)

I adore that song. I first heard it on Roswell years ago and have loved it ever since! I don't know if you know the mix, but I do a lot of reading/writing to The Glass if you're looking for consistent background music:

I should tell you that a dear soul actually recorded EO as a podfic if you're into those: