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Indie Roller Coaster of the Unknown's Fun


Nineteen tracks that will take you on a journey of up and coming artists you haven't heard of including music by 1,2,3, Chris Garneau, and Deb Oh, brought to you by Musefy's Musebox.

18 tracks
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I barley ever comment on this stuff but, this is the best mix I've found on this site because it's so uplifting. If any artist on here would life to colab. for a music video you should get into contact with me. Awesome mix everyone! Highly suggest giving it a listen!

I almost flipped when Wakey! Wakey! came on!! I did not expect to know any of the artists lol...
Seriously though, this mix i phenomenal, and I have so many artists to check out!
You should take a listen to The Crane Wives:
they are great, and pretty new!

I couldn't help but to throw Wakey!Wakey! in there because his music has to be heard, but I tend to prefer to throw unknown artists up there. Also thanks for the recommendation! I'm liking what I hear with the Crane Wives.

Really great mix. Definitely will be checking out more from these artists.

Musefy please check out the band PK - they are local indie pop rock group that are just starting to the emerge. Their new album just came out, take a listen!

glad to, but I don't see a link. Check out our blog and click on the about us section and you'll see an email address. Or tweeting to @musefy it works too.