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I crave you


Because thank you, Ishida, for breaking, chewing and eating my heart. I cant even count how many times i cried during the last chapters.
Tsukiyama is a cute bae who needs some love from stupid Kaneki

mostly Tsukiyama-centric, a bit of kaneki`s feelings, but its all about angst

11 tracks
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Assuming that we share the same heartbroken feelings for their separation, I can admit -without shame- that my chest hurts right now. I don't know if you're aware of the emotional damage you can provoke with this songs, but I have to accept that it is a delicious one =^.^= You've made a magnifique playlist. Thank you so, so, so much.

@Mouri oh my, thank you for such a nice comment! i`m really glad, that i can share my pain and despair with somebody, because these two have so fucking sad story :__: