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The Lovers, the Dreamers... and Me


This 65-track playlist samples the best of the Beatles (together AND solo), and their fellow inspired musicians from across the musical universe. Let's bring some of that original magic back to life!

P.S. if lyrics show up as the artist, it's the original Beatles song ;)

47 tracks
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this is absolutely fantastic!

"I believe that the best way to get to know the vulnerable, B-side innards of a person, is through their music"

truer words were never spoken

I really appreciate the comment, thanks!
And that's why I love 8tracks so much- it has special moments when it caters well to the B-side of the world. :)

This is a wonderful mix. I went looking for a Beatles Mix, and I am stuck in my Era for music. But. Your mix captivated me. I hand copied the order and the songs. I knew Crowded House and The White Stripes, but the other newer groups were unheard by me before this moment and I listened carefully to every iota of warmth this music laid down.

Brilliant Mix Music3is2my1!!!! & I cannot agree more with your paragraph explaining Who What When Where Why of your soul.

I will follow you, and if you have any blogs or other creative responses to the world, I will follow there too.

Bravo, brava, bravo!!!!!

Thank you, that means a lot! I love finding inspiring themes strung through multiple eras in music, esp. the kind of music that "knows where it's been and where it's going, too". I'm just lucky that the Beatles' musical past and future influences are so accessible! It was so fun to piece together this musical storyline, and kind of served as a musical memorial to one of my friends who recently passed. :)

Your thoughts on music and such are very inspiring, as well! I don't currently blog or anything, but I've considered it- especially now! haha please feel free to continue feedback on my 8tracks, I really appreciate every bit! thanks again! :)