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Determination and studying don't usually come as easily as we like here is my own list of instrumental music, perfect when put in the background, and bound to get you to concentrate

~ enjoy :)

29 tracks
6 comments on Ready...Steady....Study!

You must be young and Asian - this is a collection of wonderful, emotive instrumental pieces and you just think of them as background noise to help you study and sleep.

I'm a little off-put by your comment.

Just where was it implied that MusicAddict_93 didn't appreciate these pieces in a deeper sense? When she wrote that it could be put in the background? That it could help you concentrate? Does listening to powerful pieces of music during the banal act of studying imply a superficial appreciation of these pieces? Maybe. But to assume so automatically is unfair and betrays bitterness on your part, more so than immaturity on MusicAddict_93's.