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Disney II


Another playlist to my Disney collection being a continuation of the first playlist, Disney I.
This time I cover more of the known movies such as Aladdin and more of the classics like Beauty and the Beast, and my personal all time favorite the Lion King, with songs from its sequel. The songs that hopefully you know the lyrics to so you can sing along with your childhood memories.
Listen to this and just embrace your childish Disney side.

42 tracks
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I absolutely LOVE your two Disney playlists!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite disney playlists thus far. Been playing them on repeat for the last week or so. Can't get enough.

@Saphire5742 Thank you!! It makes me happy to know people like them. I just made a third one so if you want you can check it out on my profile and I am planning to make more so if you want follow me so you don't miss one. I'd appreciate that. Thank you!!