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Mellow Mood Mix


A great mix to put your head in the right space. Really good flow, smooth and mellow. Feels good. Brings smiles to a lazy bird. Twenty-one tracks including music by the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and Bob Marley.

21 tracks
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Say man...funkyjunk turned me on to this website the other day.. He also told me about some new releases.. very excited to listen to them. I am also stoked to have some cover art for the mixes.. totally badass! All is going good. Many things to ask and comment about the entire catalog, but first and foremost.. Thank You for the music..

What up sondawg? Glad to know you're diggin' in Mallorca. Get some new mixes headed your way soon via funkyjunk. Thanks for always payin it forward and passing them along.

Thank you very much for the response. I made this mix about 8 years ago and have passed it around to quite a few friends and I'm glad to see that people are enjoying listening to it on 8 tracks. Still one of my favorite mixes. Thanks again.