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Simple Yet Effective Mix


Gets in the ears and body and soul and gets it done simple yet effective like. This mix takes you on a journey that won't allow you to pin down it's sound. Good stuff. Twenty-four tracks including music by Moby Grape, Leon Russell, and Roky Erickson.

24 tracks
3 comments on Simple Yet Effective Mix

Hey sondawg, thanks--don't believe it's cold grits. Somewhat similar but nope. On the album it has it listed as Unknown Artist and I have searched and searched and see other people say it was this band Poets of Rhythm but not them either.

Awesome Mix My Man! I may have the answer to your unknown artist.. you know, just helping out when I can. Could it be Cold Grits?

youtube - COLD GRITS - It's Your Thing

'keep 'em comin'

Hey sondawg I left a response about your messg but didnt do it under reply so you gotta go check it out at simple yet effective