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Leaving for college in a week, thousands of miles away from home. Needed a mix to capture the bittersweet feeling one gets just before a big change in life. How strange and wonderful and saddening life can be.

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Flying halfway around the world by myself. All of my friends are in school together still. This playlist is just...laskdjflkasdjf. Thanks for this.

@emilyerna same. left for France a year ago for my junior year of high school. I was supposed to come back, finish hs and go to college with my friends and family, but ended up just coming to say goodbye again. Off to live my life in France. Always hard to say goodbye.

my best friend who is my boyfriend just left for college this morning. he's going to college in colorado and i won't see him until december. this mix got my tears flowing easily.

moving away is the best thing you'll ever do for yourself. trust me when I say you may struggle here and there and you might even contemplate moving back home when shit hits the fan...but if you stick it out and give it your all I know you will look back on this time of your life and be glad you stayed. be inspired, have fun, learn and grow. good luck darling! keep your head held high.