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Come, Let's begin


I believe that some of the most beautiful music comes from movies. This is my first to many soundtrack playlists that are yet to come. Listen, study, read a book, write, let the music from the movies inspire you.


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Just waned to let you know that your playlist is still being listened to! This is such a great playlist to listen to while I was doing my lesson plans, and I loved every song on this. Hope you are well :)

I was studying and I heard Neville's Waltz and I thought... this is a cool song. It sounds familiar, and then I realized HARRY POTTER!! Thank you for including that because I didn't know what this was called and I love it.

i love it!! i happen to think that movies make the best music too!! I love love love love love movie scores! they're always so brilliant!

perfect :)
exactly what i was looking for, i love that you have anastasia in here, everyone has forgotten about some of these amazing movies

I'm glad you liked it! And yes anastasia is one of my favorite movies from my childhood, the soundtrack is amazing!