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the story of our lives.


my bottle of naked juice reminded me, "separation is natural." now, i know it meant the juice, but it got me thinking about how many people i've lost in my short lifetime, until i found you. this is a mix to remind me, and you, that even though separation is natural, it's not forever and these songs will live into infinity along with our friendship, no matter where we go in life.


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I think of really silly people I met playing rugby, failing math class, passing notes, and building a boat out of plastic bottles and naivety. I think of the teenage years - where we all have been degraded - but I think we all will be the greatest.

I think of (laughing emoji) and (kissing emoji) and sometimes even (clover emoji)(trophy emoji)(books emoji)(present emoji)(party emoji)(on point emoji)(home emoji)(star emoji)(lips emoji).