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You're in anime ... Shoujo one .


What would you do ? Would you be a kind of crazy girl at highschool with pink hair ?

Well here you are , if a boy don't seem to care , listen to this mix and imagine yourself in a anime where everything seems to be possible :)

Includes cute instrumentals and sad ones ;)

2nd part , Shoujo one !! :3

  • Kawaranai Mono (The girl who leapt through time) Th+Jp piano ver. by Lunacat
  • Serenade by 岡崎律子
  • Itsumo no fuukei by Haruhi OST
  • kagomethearcher21 by Inuyasha and Kagome's Theme Song
  • Outer Senshi Theme by Sailor Moon OST
  • Forbidden Act by 羽毛田丈史
  • Theme for the Cute One for Orchestra by Alea Sdlonyer
  • Full moon by Full Moon
  • School Days by Angel Beats OST
  • La corda d'oro ~primo passo OST by 「冬森」Brand new breeze
  • Girl's Hop by Angel Beats OST
  • My most precious tresure by Angel Beats!OST
  • Fun Fun Fun Dayo~ by Catgirl Luka
  • Last regrets by 彩菜
  • TENMON by Tenmon
  • Fushigi yugi yuugi by Romantic
  • 03 - Sawayakana Asa by Momoko Shiro
  • KATAWA SHOUJO ~ Cold Iron (Piano Cover) + SHEETS DOWNLOAD by MusicMike512
  • Lullabies For Open Eyes by ABrilliantLie
  • Hurry Starfish by Clannad
  • Dera in Love by Tomoko Kataoka
  • NaNa's Theme by Yó Điên
  • Card Captor Sakura OST by Card Captor Sakura Ost
  • Uminari Clannad OST by Clannad
  • Inuyasha_To Love's End by realcrane computer guy
25 tracks