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You're in anime ... you fell in love


As a young girl (or boy :p) you fell in love with someone cute at school , you heart is beating so FAST when is near !! You should not hide yourself and let your feelings go !! >:O GO ON GIRLS !! (OR BOYS >o<)

  • tomorrow by 下川みくに
  • Every Heart by Inuyasha
  • Sola op by jpanime2010
  • Diamond Crevasse by Macross Frontier
  • Gomen ne by Tiara by XxxHOLiC Rou Adayume
  • バニラソルト(바닐라 솔트) (Ed Vol.1) by 토라도라
  • DAYS of DASH by ミヤ・シ (miya・shi)
  • You are my love by Tsubasa Chronicle
  • きみにとどけ by Eisa Shi
  • Ichiban No Takaramono [Yui version] (Free Download in description) by Angel Beats OST
  • Lia Toki Wo Kizamu Uta Clannad After Story Opening by Lia
  • Saeko Chiba (Chrono Crusade OP) by SAYONARA SOLITAIRE
  • The World God only knows OP 1 by oBeelzeHGMo
  • Prime number Kimi to Deaeru Hi by Miru Anime
  • Tori no Uta by Lia
  • 01 - Sono mama no Boku de by BiYao91
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