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Should I Call Johnny?


Musicals are fun!

  • Take It as It Comes by Vivian Girls
  • dum dum girls by Dum Dum Girls
  • In the Sun by She & Him
  • Honestly Sincere by dvdmckvr
  • Bye Bye Blues by 15´Ann Margret
  • Make Love To Me by 21´Ann Margret
  • Teach Me Tonight by 10´Ann Margret
  • One Boy by Bye Bye Birdie
  • 03 Telephone Hour (vocals) by guyinplaid
  • Rosie (Bye Bye Birdie Remix) by Daydream
  • Put On A Happy Face by Billy Barry
  • 05 How Lovely To Be a Woman (vocals) by guyinplaid
  • Tatianna Raquel) by I Feel Pretty (Maria, Anita, Consuelo and girls) (from "West Side Story")
  • West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein
  • Maria by West Side Story
  • "Cool" from West Side Story by Michael Wesely
16 tracks