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Reluctant Antagonist // Cynicism


I think I'm both a cynic and a realist.
I may be a sociopath. I'm not sure.
I'm an apex predator and I chose to believe that all that I've done is because I've been pushed to.
The world is so cruel and unforgiving and I was crafted from its kind hand.
I may be kind of crazy.
I had the choice of being hurt or hurting others.
I chose to be good for so long but I've had enough.
I've finally snapped and decided I'd rather be selfish than be selfless if all I got was pain.
I still don't know if it was always a part of me or if it was born because of my experiences.
I don't know if I'm insane or if I'm just accepting the reality of what I need to do to succeed and be happy.
I am powerful.
I am going to get what I want no matter the cost.
I am alone.
I am intelligent.
I am the antagonist.

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