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les amis de la musique souterraine, vol.5

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here's the complet playlist :

Vortex Rikers :: Ouverture
Lebanon Hannover :: Die World
Suicide Dada :: Acqua
Sixth June :: Back For A Day
Gold Zebra :: Back In The Dust
Linea Aspera :: Hinterland
Chevalier Avant-Guarde :: Haircut
Rational Youth :: Close To Nature
Clair Obscur :: The Pilgrim's Progress
The Soft Moon :: Circles
Lebanon Hannover :: Schwarzenegger Tears
Mecano :: Roberspierre's Re-Marx
Linea Aspera :: Antipodean Tedium
Gold Zebra :: Love, French, Better
Power Glove :: Night Force
HTRK :: Bendin'
Northumbria :: Black Sea of Trees
Sinoia Caves :: The Evil Ball