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The Amazing Playlist Is Not On Fire


TABINOF Tour 2015 was a blast

(Also knows as: Assorted songs that were playing in the venue before the show started. Dan and Phil have incredible taste in music.)

11 tracks
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The only song I can think missing is when they played Toxic ;) but the overall playlist is amazing! Makes me feel like I'm back at the show ^_^

@Pr0crastinate Thanks for letting me know! My friend and I didn't start writing down the songs until we were a few songs in, and we'd forgotten a few of them by then ^^;

@alexfjokes All but two songs (I'm So Sorry and Spooky Scary Skeletons) are, yes. When my friend and I were at the show we noted down every song we heard. However, we started a few songs in so we may have missed a couple.