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Chiptunes and bits! ♪♫└(★o★)┐♫♪

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  • Made Me Realize 8Bit by Enma Darei
  • Ghost (Chiptune ver.) by Ziodyyne/Madokah by Mystery Skulls
  • Attack on Titan (8 Bit Remix) by zoroark45
  • Bit Gym Leader Medley (Stereo) by Pokemon 8
  • Counting Stars (chiptune cover by James Roach)
  • Dr. Wily stage 1 (8bit remix) by Megaman 2
  • Madoka Magica: Connect by Bit
  • A Town With An Ocean View (8 Bit Style Remix) by Kiki's Delivery Service
  • Ode To The Bouncer [Cosmicolor 8bit Mix] by Studio Killers
  • Before My Body Is Dry [Chiptune Dance Remix] by Shadownade
  • Bit Chiptune by Ievan Polkka 8
  • Money (Snooglebum 8 bit cover) by Mystery Skulls
  • Mute City (8Bit ver.) by NecoZkin
  • Inform the Truth 8-bit by Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
  • Don't Say Lazy by [8-bit] K-On!
  • Everything Is Awesome (Lego Movie chiptune cover) by JoeBleeps
  • The Walking Dead (The Wobbler Remix) 8bit by Alex White 86
  • Die Young Ke$Ha (8 Bit Famitracker Cover) by Mike "Fonzarelli" Roberts
  • Encounter (Chiptune) by Metal Gear Solid
  • Bit Remix by This Is Halloween
  • Animal Crossing by K.K. Bossa (Chiptune Mix)
  • Okami 8 Bit For Giraffe by Coconeru
  • Kill La Kill 8 Bit by Zephyr Sound
  • AnoHana (8bit) by Secret Base
  • Chapter 1's Main Theme (8-Bit Mix) by Corpse Party
  • Transformers The Movie Theme (1986) by 8-bit
  • Disco Train (8-Bit NES Mix) by Donkey Kong Country 2
  • メリッサ by ポルノグラフィティ
  • original Chiptune composition From Scratch by Half Zero
  • 8bit Battle Music by Ruari1
  • Bit Kirby (Gourmet Race)(Cover) by 8
  • Cowboy Bebop 8 Bit by Zephyr Sound
  • デザイアドライブ(LSDj 8bit mix) GB音源×東方アレンジ (原曲:デザイアドライブ) by hoshi903
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