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loving you was inevitable

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a fanmix about these two gays who should never be together but are drawn to each other anyway

track list:

((its my first fanmix this is so bad oh no))
((none of this makes sense))

  • Undisclosed Desires (Violin Version) by Patrick Contreras
  • Laughter Lines by Bastille
  • No Rest For The Wicked by Lykke Li
  • I Should Live In Salt (The National cover) by Hadley Barndollar
  • There is a Light That Never Go by mrcalle13
  • Love Love Love by Of Monsters And Men
  • Addicted to You (ft Audra Mae) by Avicii
  • The perishers by The Perishers
  • 08 No One, Tattoo (medley) by devtoughill
  • BIFFY CLYRO Biblical by jamesrushent
10 tracks