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Good morning, beautiful


This is for the mornings when you actually don't want to do anything else than staying in bed, even though you know you have to get up.
This playlist will definitely bring you a good morning and a nice feeling throughout the day.

If anyone got Spotify I made a playlist there so you can listen to this mix more times

9 tracks
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Very well done. I'm a Sea Wolf fan and forgot all about that song.
Also I love how you threw in that Markus Krunegard song. What does Stjarnfallet mean and where can I hear more?

Ah thank you so much! Stjarnfallet (or stjärnfallet) means like shooting star sort of. And he sings that he's like a shooting star and she is the heaven for him everyday. He only sings in swedish though but here's a link to a youtube video of another song that's really good! Hope you'll like it :)