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#01 | terraqua - OIL & WATER


❀ I N F O
- f a n d o m : kingdom hearts
- s h i p : terraqua
- t h e m e : darkness

❀ D E S C R I P T I O N
Okay, this is my first time trying to put a decent playlist together. I actually have another one planned for this ship following a "diverge" theme.
This ship is so fucking tragic IMO, so that's why I chose the darkness theme. (I also have a playlist on my spotify account full with fitting songs, so...)

❀ I M A G E
Sadly I couldn't track back the original artist of the cover art. (I just found it on tumblr and it wasn't linked anywhere.) If you know who the OP is, tell me, so that I can finalize this description.

10 tracks
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