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#02 | terraqua - are you LOST?


❀ I N F O
- f a n d o m : kingdom hearts
- s h i p : terraqua
- t h e m e : diverged

❀ D E S C R I P T I O N
I'm on a roll! I still have one playlist planned for this ship, which is currently in the making over on spotify. This one really went out of hand haha About 16 Tracks are featured on this one, all resolving around the "diverge" theme of this playlist. It's pretty angsty but I love listening to it nonetheless. (Can't help it, this ship is angsty no matter how you'll look at it)

❀ I M A G E
Sadly I couldn't track back the original artist of the cover art. (I just found it on tumblr and it wasn't linked anywhere.) If you know who the OP is, tell me, so that I can finalize this description.

❀ S P O T I F Y

15 tracks
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