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The 90s: Part Five

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@Mz.Mallow Thanks for your comments. You are right: I erroneously added "Walkin' On The Sun" again recently. I'm really glad you enjoyed the playlist. I am amazed myself when I discover (or rediscover) forgotten gems every now and then.

One technical note -- I heard the same song on track 5 and track 40 (it's the track by Smash Mouth) -- I don't know if it's a glitch that only happened on my listen, but check to make sure the song isn't duplicated.

Having been a teen in the 90s I started this playlist I started it thinking I'd know every song, but I was more and more impressed -- you've picked an excellent diversity! Some songs were familiar, some I haven't heard for over a decade, some were as-yet-unheard tracks by familiar artists, and some were completely new to me. I enjoyed the listen immensely.