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Nothing Like Focusing During a Workout


A Little Mix that Propels Me in the Gym, and Out in the World

  • Invasion by Trip Lee
  • Let the Sparks Fly by Thousand Foot Krutch
  • background (Dub Apostle rmx) Christian dubstep by Lecrae
  • Deliverance Weapons of Our Warfare (1990) by bfuentes888
  • Frontline by Pillar
  • Tourniquet "Where Moth And Rust Destroy" by Metal Blade Records
  • Fireproof by Pillar
  • Crawl To China by Tourniquet
  • "Send Me (Represent)" by Lecrae of 116 Clique
  • Awake and Alive (Mashup) by popostar6745
  • My Friend Courage by Sent By Ravens
  • Lecrae go hard for God dub step mashup by Antz v
12 tracks