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I miss Layne - 10 years later


Layne Staley died 10 years ago (April 5, 2002). One of the greatest rock singers of all time in my opinion. His lyrics were personal, powerful and conveyed so much emotion.

Here are some of his songs with Mad Season and Alice in Chains as well as some side projects and guest appearances.

Also there are some tributes by other bands like Pearl Jam.

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OMG, I listen to Mad Season still every single day....not and I have such simular musical taste. I'm starting to get this website....i can't wait till I have time to make some mixes....anyhow.....RIP, Layne, u are so missed....I think i will light a candle in memory of you right now. Yes, I agree, Layne was the highest level of talent of the 90s.... Those were the days....He was and still is one of the greatest, and good stuff like what Layne artistically created is hard to come by anymore...he was his own.....for sure, but music in general, its just not the same. I guess i'm just never going to get used to the garbage my 2 teenage kids listen to.