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Nineties rock from the North (Gigantic edition)


120+ rock tracks from the 1990s. Mostly alternative rock with a few indie, punk, and folk rock.

Featuring only Canadian bands and artists ... like I Mother Earth, The Tea Party, Moist and a bunch of other cool bands that you've never heard of, or forgot about.

113 tracks
7 comments on Nineties rock from the North (Gigantic edition)

This is one of my favourite mixes that I have made. I dug real deep for this one, I even went to a few used CD stores to buy a couple CDs for bands I couldn't find online. I hope some canucks out there enjoy it.

just found this and it's amazing! So much of this music I have somehow lost over the years and am very happy to be hearing it now! Brings back a lot of memories from Edgefest! Cheers!