my name is craig
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None But My Own


A mix of songs that I just wanted to listen to right now for whatever weird feeling I have. This is kinda all over the place and you probably won't like it. But the first song is pretty great, so you should give that one a chance.

Featuring The Smiths, Deftones, The National, Clash, Smashing Pumpkins, and others.

15 tracks
2 comments on None But My Own

gosh ,how i love this mix,
ha you´re totally right nick cave and the bad seeds are always wort listening,
but the other tracks are great to!
great job!
know this feelig, somehow i love it!
thanks for bringing it back every time i listen to this!

no! you are kdding me! lucky lucky you ,to see him , haha i would get chills too , goosebumps and all the other things.

do you know his song: children? i love how it grows up at the end ,brilliant.
nick is a genius:)

that is pretty cool, i never noticed that before. He played that song too at the concert, and had a local children's choir backing him up for most of the concert. I am lucky to have been there. Honestly, I am almost lost it when he was playing push the sky away ... it just got to me.

oh yes this is the most stunning thing when the kids start singing that loud at the end.
haha , would be the same with me;)