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Vintage head-noddin' rock

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8tracks seems to be replacing songs DJs upload with soundcloud versions that don't necessarily match. So if you hear any weird remixes, live versions or low quality tracks, email 8tracks and complain. Thanks.

Hey, just to follow up about the songs being replaced.... if you edit your mix you can now see some songs will have a soundcloud icon. These are the ones that have been replaced, and if you click Edit on these songs you can see what they replaced it with and can click Incorrect if it is the wrong song, and it will use the song you uploaded. So at least there is a way to fix it now. Now I just have to go through all my old mixes and check them.

thanks Craig...BTW I am really new to this 8Tracks thing, seems pretty cool, just put my first mix up about 3 am this morning :-), I just wanted to tell u I scoped out a few mixes and yours is dead-on...I'm not gonna copy by any means, but I have an idea of what I want to put out (have been brewing it for 4 years I'd say, I just didn't realize this site existed until I got a new phone in May)...anyways just wanted to give you props

thanks again...I just noticed that 1 of my songs in first edit of my mix (Babo O'Riley) was substituted with a crappy (actually corrupted) copy...I couldn't see where to mark it as 'Incorrect' tho...I'll keep trying...

FYI - check out in your mix - what should be Summertime Blues off of Live At Leeds, a f*cking awesome song by the greatest rock band ever, its been replaced by what is a great cover, i gotta say, as i have never that version before by god knows who, but u gotta get the proper song put back there...later...