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비행의 꿈


"No sleep, no dream." -Korean proverb

Songs from dreamy South Korean musicians to those who can't wait to see what will happen when their heads hit the pillow at night. Includes tracks from Lucite Tokki, The Freaks and MoT. The last in my dream-themed miniseries; next up: Productivity 5!

Image from "My Beautiful Girl, Mari":,_Mari

16 tracks
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hey there I cant seem to find In my Dream by seoul Electric Band, well at least the version you are playing I would be super grateful if I could grab it off of you or you could point me in the right direction to find/purchase it

It's track 10 on the "Life is Strange" album (disc 1 of the deluxe version). I believe it had an international release on iTunes; try checking there first. I bought it at, although it seems to have been de-licensed, at least in the US. Let me know how it goes!