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Music for productivity Vol.7


Another 4-hour study mix for the eclectically inclined, with tracks from Alt-J, Ludovico Einaudi and Bill Laswell. Dedicated to my grandfather, a master crossword puzzler and adventurous music lover. I started making productivity mixes so that he'd always hear fresh music during his visits, and I'll be playing this one as we bang out crosswords together next month.


Photo by Rob Hitchman:

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5 comments on Music for productivity Vol.7

A sweet dedication to your grandfather! I hope both of you will enjoy doing those puzzles together as you listen to the music.
I know you have Buckethead in earlier mixes, but I came to know him slightly better this time. Thanks!

Yep, Buckethead appears twice on this mix! "The Homing Beacon" was Bucket's tribute to Michael Jackson, released shortly after his passing. And "Wake the Dead" by Praxis is a song I'd been trying to learn for years on the guitar. Thanks for listening!