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Music for productivity Vol.5


Eclectic, stimulating work flow music to keep you focused on the task at hand. Recommended use:

Step 1 - Write a to-do list.

Step 2 - Press play.

Step 3 - Get everything done!

Cover found at Graham Detonator's flickr:

50 tracks
8 comments on Music for productivity Vol.5

If I pass my math exams, It´s thanks to this playlist :) Thank you for your great taste in music. (sorry if there´s mistakes in my English, I´m not native speaker)

Don't forget Step 4:
ENJOY the great mix of music from Lullatone to Ryuichi Sakamoto to Cinematic Orchestra, which goes from sweeping and majestic to quirky, idiosyncratic and emotive. A real pleasure.

*Triple flip!*

I have to thank you for the amount of peace you've brought me. Oh, I love this so much. At one point, I had to put down my pen and just listen to some of this and contemplate the great things in life. I absolutely LOVE this. It is so rich and soothing. Just perfect. Honestly, it is.