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Unique New York


A playlist for my city featuring classics from Suzanne Vega, They Might Be Giants and Lou Reed, as well as some other great NYC odes you might not have heard yet. More NY love here:

Street art by Nick Walker in the Lower East Side. Photo from Changsterdam's flickr:

17 tracks
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I just found out that Cibo Matto means 'Crazy Food' in Italian! Like that.

You have an eye and ear for global music and musicians who marry language and cultures. NY by way of Japan, Korea and Latin America!

Thanks! Of course New York is an international city, so it's natural for the music to reflect that. Except I believe Hee Young, Cibo Matto and Bebel Gilberto all still call NY home so the only "admirers from afar" would be Muna Zul, from Mexico.