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Lacking in Certain Self Preservation Skills


"I mean, I know it could kill us or somethin but like, hear me out, foo'. It would totally make yo' mama so fuckin' pissed off, and the jail time would only be like a few weeks or somethin'. So, you in or what?"
"... Ja. I'm in."

A fanmix for the grossest and thus greatest pairing in x-men evolution. They will probably either get their teams killed or themselves, but they will do it while very drunk on love (...and whiskey).

13 tracks
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I seem to remember Gallery Piece being on an old, old Kurt/Todd FST called Break The Back of Love on livejournal. You wouldn't have run across it, would you? And I agree, this ship is the grossest and greatest x-men evo ship. A+ fst, by the way.