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Runningman bgm collection


5 years of laughter & memories with RM. Some of this is kind of old and only available in the earlier episode but those were the golden times for me. So, this is my works to express my gratitude towards running man team. Thank you for the joy you bring!

Dedicated to all the running man fans out there. DON'T WALK, RUN!

image : yoojaesuk, kimjongkook, kang gary, songjihyo, haha, jisukjin, leekwangsoo

16 tracks
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This brings back all the good memories of the old episodes. When Kwangsoo's theme first came up, I felt like crying and laughing at the same time. They really don't play these songs anymore...

@pandagohappy Glad I found someone sharing the same feeling with me. I'm a fan of RM since 2010. Only the one that watch all the episodes understand the meaning behind these songs. And yessssss they don't play these musics anymore but it makes me happy and remember back all the funny scene haha. Hope you feel the same too! ;D