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New Indie: June 2013


This 50 track mix is a collection of new indie/pop/alternative/folk/rock songs for the month of June, 2013. If you are trying to discover new artists, this is the mix for you.

Featuring brand new songs from: Grouplove, Little Daylight, and Urban Cone

For more check out May's mix:

50 tracks
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again! every playlist you make is great. damn. I find most of my music through your playlists and buy them on iTunes, but unfortunately neither you or 8tracks gets a % of my purchases. Like, you're basically functioning as a free music-promoter/discovery system, much better than computerized ads or algorithms (e.g. Pandora). There has to be a way for you and 8tracks to economize & scale off of this...

Thank you! I really appreciate that. Getting paid would be awesome haha, but just knowing that people are digging the music and buying some songs is good enough for me.

Thank you for listening. All of the likes and comments keep me going.. so please keep feeding my ego, I promise I won't get sick of it :)