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  • 재연 (An Encore) by 샤이니 (SHINee)
  • Goodbye Summer ( Amber Luna Krystal) (Feat. D.O. Of EXO by f(x)
  • I'm Fine Thank You (R.I.P We'll miss you 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다..) by 레이디스 코드(LADIES' CODE)
  • 최고의 행운 (Best Luck) [괜찮아 사랑이야 OST Part 1] by 첸 (CHEN of EXO)
  • 공허해 by Winner
  • hyeya (y si fuera ella) by SHINee
  • Hopeless Love by 박지민
  • DIVINE [Official Audio] by 少女時代 (SNSD)
  • 지워 (Erase) (Full Audio) (Feat. Iron 아이언) [Digital Single by Hyorin (효린) & Jooyoung (주영)
  • 늘 그 자리에 (Honesty) by SHINee
  • Englishkorean Lyrics by DAVICHI - LETTER
  • I Love You by Akmu
  • THE ARK by The Ark
  • LOVE BELT (feat. Younha) FULL AUDIO by Jonghyun
14 tracks
1 comment on Divine

I'm in love with this playlist! The abundance of SHINee gave me life (especially with Jonghyun's "Love Belt"!... wasn't expecting that!)! I have one question though: I noticed that all of the tracks were somehow taken off of Soundcloud. How were you able to successfully do that? 'Cause I'm over here struggling to create my SHINee playlists.

@yasjonghyunty Thank you SO much for your kind words! It really means a lot, especially since it's my first playlist ;u; ! When you start putting a playlist together, you'll have an option to choose audio tracks off of SoundCloud, you'll be able to use it if you have an account on there and log in off of 8tracks! Then all you need to do is just search the song you're looking for and BAM, results from SC will pop up as well and you pick which you deem best! I super look forward to hearing your SHINee playlist! ♡