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Some random anime musics (mostly openings) that I'm addicted these days. Hope you like it!
(cover image found on Tumblr!)

  • Future Star by Kyoukai no Tanaka
  • Suzumu feat. Soraru by Zetsubōsei: Hero Chiryōyaku
  • Heat Haze Days by Kagerou Project
  • INNOCENT SORROW by Marco Serrano 3
  • This Game by Konomi Suzuki
  • I Say Yes by Zero no Tsukaima Futatsuki no Kishi
  • Toaru Majutsu No Index II OP by No Buts
  • Btooom! by Full Opening
  • Fairy Tail Main Theme by Yasuharu Takanashi
  • Doubt & Trust by Aku no Hana
  • チルドレンレコード (Re Ver.) by じん
  • Only My Railgun by The Great Kamina
12 tracks