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I should put a title here

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@aunt13 I really tried to put my favorites on this one. You stopping by makes me happy because I find your musical taste just magnificent

@n.gen oh my goodness, i was just combing through my folder and found this comment. thx so much btw!! hope this isn't too old news.. :]

Anytime, @aunt13 . You are one of the reasons I love 8tracks. One of the very few DJs that puts out quality along with quantity. One can only aspire to reach such a level <3

@n.gen aw, jeez :] you've got to be kidding me... you're the one with the gajillion followers, my friend! i'm glad we have such a great forum to enjoy each other's mixes :) looking fwd to more of yours for sure!

@aunt13 Followers are fine, but it's not a big deal to me. The community IS the best part about 8tracks. I haven't had quite as much time lately to stay actively involved :/ however, as long as you and some of my other favorites are around, I'm here to stay :). I just want to start digging into more mixes again and branch out from my heavily based electronic playlists I've been making lately (as I'm finishing one). Also, I would like to find some new DJs. Any suggestions??

@n.gen it's funny you ask, i found out about this forum: http://forums.8tracks.com/t/who-do-you-follow/99844. or if this list is too long, my personal fav's in case you're interested are,... wait i just counted and there are 19, that's still a lot! take a look at the list, or lmk if you wanna know my top 19 :P

@aunt13 @aunt13 @aunt13 This is great! I follow most of them already but excited to see the ones I don't follow.Thanks for this. Some of my favorites off the top of my head are soulkor, samuel_peterson, noknow, danngo, ablank, peppermintn, spacebunnysounds, and of course you :) Which I think all of you are in that list. Only send me your top 19 if you want to/ have the time

@n.gen aw, np and you are really too kind :] thank you for indulging me, here they are (in no particular order and i have a feeling i undoubtedly left someone off,.. my little disclaimer :P) and inclusive of your list and yourself :) - cat dentures, alin1618, deathinteresse, noknow, dj dim mak, samuel peterson, ogunn, leiwandesk, danngo, sepiae, errormalfunction, spacebunnysounds, aporagadozo, sidekick, spoonhead, kentgowran, katamaricore, waxwing, and lemmyxx :)

@aunt13 Yes! I can't believe i left some of these off of the list I just sent you. The last 4 and aporagadozo are new names to me so I will check them out. Thanks again!