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♡ for my prince ♡


i uh!! had to delete the full desc because description is limited to 800 characters T_T the full desc is in the comments and ill also send u it!! i love you!!!!!
heres a yt playlist if listen limits get in the way (but try and listen here i have annotations!!)

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♡♡♡♡ 5/8/16 ♡♡♡
an entire year!!! wh-what!?! how!!!!! how have i been w someone so amazing for an entire year??
aaaa sheep i! cannot describe how much you mean to me. you keep me going, you give me hope. you're the most important, precious person to me and i dont know what id do without you. there are so many things ive only managed to get through because of you.
you're my prince! you saved me! i love love love youuuu i love you!!! i cant even describe how much i love you!!!!! you're my everything! my heart is full of love for sheepie!
i remember how nervous i was when i first asked you to be my qpp - you're the first person ive ever managed to approach about something like that first. but im so so happy i gathered the courage to do that!! i cant explain how happy it makes me to know i can call you my qpp!! i cant even believe it sometimes it seems too good to be true, aaa!!!
this next part is cheesy but it really needs to be said!
im still anxious about my past but knowing you're in my future makes me feel so much better! im not even that scared anymore because i really honestly feel i can be happy no matter what if im with you!
whenever im not talking to you, im thinking about you 99% of the time. everything i see or hear will somehow come back around to you. ill see something and wonder what you'd think of it, or if you'd like a song, or how i could mention it sometime because i think you'd like it. you're always on my mind. im so utterly in love with you. i find myself wiggling and shaking with excitement when you're online, whenever we talk. im so overwhelmed with love and affection and pure unbridled adoration for you. im actually writing this in advance, because I wanna make sure everythings ready in time, and im tearing up a bit writing this because i just cant stop thinking about how excited i am to talk to you!!
i love you!!!!! love doesnt even feel strong enough to describe how much you mean to me!!! p...please stay with me forever!

- mako ❤❤❤