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A Rose For Tomorrow


"When it's Christmas, I'm gonna call you Christmas Rose." Gavin decided.

“I'm not sure whether to find that sentimental or dumb…If you're gonna call me Christmas Rose, I'm gonna call you Sentimental Dumb. I’m the Sentimental, you’re the Dumb. And you can be the Christmas.”

“Is it because I’m great and everyone loves me?”

“Well that’s not fair at all.” Ray laughed.


A playlist for the roleplay me and geoffandhis8greatest-mistakes have been running every day together for over a year now. Today marks both 27k messages and the one year anniversary, so here’s to 1 year and counting, and hopefully the future record as the longest roleplay on Cherubplay!

The art is by rneguca, set specifically in the RP.

14 tracks
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