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Echo Recording 3: [Waluigi Noise]


SAM as SAM "not as think as you drunk- fuck nevermind"

ACE as A CLAP ON-CLAP OFF LAMP "she's beauty, she's grace, she fell off a cliff face"


"This has been the drunkest trash bandit you'll ever done did see and the smallest sun to ever grace the Pandoran sky!"

"And make sure to buy a gun on your way out! It's not our fault if you miss!"


A playlist for edgarpattillo and I! Centered around our self inserts Ace & Sam, tiny merchants running around in the Borderteeth universe selling guns on the black market, collecting shiny things, making waluigi noises into their Echo devices, and occasionally getting tangled up with those weird Vault Hunters over in Sanctuary. (Is that a floating space puppy? Shooting lazers out of his eyes? Nah of course not stop asking questions)

13 tracks
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